Quick Start

Subscribing to your favorite Internet Calendar is easy...

Follow these steps to download, install, and use iCalendar for MS Outlook:

To install iCalendar for MS Outlook:

1.Download the latest version from our web site http://www.kenner-price.com/icalendar;  


2.Once downloaded, double-click the file to install the application (note: MS Outlook will need to be closed for the installation to continue);  
3.After installation, start MS Outlook and locate the new iCal icon on the toolbar;  


To subscribe to a calendar:

First, while you are at the web site where the iCal feed is made available, you'll need to 'copy' the URL of the calendar to the clipboard. This is usually done by right-clicking the iCal icon or feed link, and selecting "Copy Shortcut".


Once you have the iCalendar's URL on your clipboard...
1.Click the iCal icon from within MS Outlook;  
2.Click "Add New...";  

3.Give the calendar a name;  
4.'Paste' the iCalendar's URL into the remote calendar URL field;  
5.Specify the Outlook folder where this calendar's appointments should be placed;  
6. Optionally specify an interval for which the calendar should be automatically refreshed from the source;  
7.Click the "Save/Reload" button.  

That's it, you've subscribed to your first iCalendar feed.