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iCal for Outlook
Wyncs - Web Sync
Rental Focus
Tanning Focus
Interlock - Web


Our core products and applications . . . . . .

Wyncs - Web Sync ( provides enhanced functionality and usefulness to web sites. By Wyncs Enabling your web site, you provide PDA and PIM users with the ability to instantly 'grab' specified content directly from your site.

Tanning Focus Tanning Bed Scheduler for the Web integrates with salons' current web site to provide bed scheduling to their clients. This offers salon owners a whole new way to save money and time spent answering phone calls and dealing with the task of scheduling their beds. Contact Us for additional information.

Rental Focus Rental Property Display for the Web integrates with property managers' current web site to provide a simple and efficient method for displaying and advertising their rental properties. Highly configurable, and fully customizable, this web site add-in greatly simplifies and automates the property display portion of your web site. Contact Us for additional information.

Integrated Solution

Interlock WEB comprises a multi-user Web Content Management Software that combines robust integrated security, WYSIWYG editing, and integrated sync ability allowing your corporation, school district, or government agency to better manage all aspects of it's web content. Contact Us for additional information.® (®) the Internet's first franchised community portal providing online areas for live community participation combined with locally managed content and advertising.

iCalendar for MS Outlook. Finally, empowering Outlook users to subscribe to multiple iCal calendars available from numerous sources. You'll love the functionality and the efficiency created by subscribing to calendars maintained by one, and used by many.
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