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iCal for Outlook
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Web Development
Our highly-trained writers and designers are adept at handling all your web presence needs. Kenner-Price & Associates strives to develop individual and exclusive web sites that capture the full essence of your company. Skillfully designed with both appearance and functionality in mind, our reputation has been built on our attention to detail.

Software Development
We develop software components and modules, either as stand alone programs or as additions to existing legacy systems or off-the-rack software. This provides you the flexibility of having custom made software developed for your needs as well as keeping costs low and having the option to upgrade and modify the program in the future.

Consulting Services
Our experts will work with you to bring your company up to speed with technology issues. From identifying aspects of your business that will benefit from more automation, to the purchase and setup of all the equipment, down to the actual training of the staff, our consultants will work with you and your team on each aspect of the project.

iCalendar for MS Outlook. Finally, empowering Outlook users to subscribe to multiple iCal calendars available from numerous sources. You'll love the functionality and the efficiency created by subscribing to calendars maintained by one, and used by many.
New Version available NOW!