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Kenner-Price & Associates...solving the needs of our clients.
Schedule Star, Midland, NJ
An Internet-based, High School athletics management software was weary with calls from parents wanting their kids sports schedule in their scheduling software...our solution created an impressive 10,000 uses the first week.    read how »
Attractions Salon, Athens, OH
A full service Beauty and Tanning Salon had a dilema...because of the numerous amount of college students wanting to schedule appointments to tan, the phones rang off the hook...continually interrupting the hair stylist. See how Kenner-Price solved their problem... click here to read more », Chicago, IL
Wanted a quick and painless way to export Schedule information from their Collegiate Sports web the fans and visitors PDA, Palm Pilot, or Microsoft Outlook programs. This utility must be simple to use (for novice site visitors), AND cost effective to put it place. The solution...our 'Wyncs-Web Export utility'.    read more »
Hughes-Moquin Funeral Home, Athens, OH
...wanted the freedom to enter things like obituaries & condolences into their own site. After buying a supposedly "user-friendly" Web Dev program, they quickly found out how difficult it was to operate. Every update was a chore, so THE SITE WASN'T BEING MAINTAINED as it should.  Here's what we did to give them a simple solution., Gurnee, IL started as an on-line resource for Dermotologists, giving the latest in patient care and solutions. They were in need of a solution themselves. Because they were developing software to enhance the use of Handheld technology, they wanted the visitors to see the benefits first hand.    Here's what we offered them »
Athens County Board of Realtors, Athens, OH
...wanted to use the Internet to display current available housing. All they had been using was printed materials. We set them up with a complete solution that made everyone's job easier...and completely changed, for the better, the way they were doing buiness.   click here to find out how »
Sowash, Carson & Ferrier, Athens, OH
The staff at this Law firm work from virtually everywhere (home, vacation, office)... so they needed access to important documents from anywhere too. We provided a simple, secure and robust solution to their problem.
Larry Conrath Realty, Athens, OH
complete office management software to manage listings, showings, link to MLS, automatic messaging
Certified Mechanical Co., Athens, OH
Invoicing and Architectural Billing Templates and Documents created
Sowash, Carson & Ferrier, LPA, Athens, OH
Dealing with the dangers of Viruses and SPAM e-mails, this Law Office contacted Kenner-Price to find and implement a solution.    here's what we did »
Conrath Family Dental Care, Athens, OH
This Dental Office's network server crashed losing all client data, scheduling, billing, etc. We were able to work with their Office Management Software Manufacturer to bring it back. Then set up flawless backup routine.   here's how we did it »

iCalendar for MS Outlook. Finally, empowering Outlook users to subscribe to multiple iCal calendars available from numerous sources. You'll love the functionality and the efficiency created by subscribing to calendars maintained by one, and used by many.
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